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Hey Say JUMP Fanfic Community

Welcome to heysay_fanfic. This community is the first Fanfic and Fanart community for Hey!Say!Jump.

This community is for those who wants to share their creativity with the rest of us who love Hey!Say!Jump. Everything in this Community is Fiction, and it’ll be treated only that.

The Rules

1. LJ-cuts please!!!! It's a must! If you don't know how, you can read the tutorial post here.

2. Every post must feature at least one Hey!Say!Jump member in a prominent/major role. Meaning if your Fanfic have at least one member, you can post it here, doesn’t matter what kind of role they had.

3. There’s a limit on posting: only one post per member per day. This is to prevent congestion on the community and everyone's friends’ page. This is one of the rules that is broken the most, so please, pay attention on this rule.

4. Please include [title, author, pairing/ot3 (if applicable)] and anything you want to say about your fiction. So it’ll be easy for us to include tags for you. If there’s no pairing, please put NONE under pairing.

5. All entries posted at the community must be immediately accessible to all members for a period of 48 hours after they go up. After that, it's up to the author what they want to do with it. And yes, I want you to pay attention to this rule too! Don't link your locked fic on your journal to this comm. So when people want to read your fics, they do not have to add you first. You can lock it after 48 hours.

6. There is to be absolutely NO FLAMING of the artists, writers, fictions or art. Be respectful. If I see any of this I’ll warn you.

7. All Fictions and Arts with Adult theme must be place behind LJ-cuts with a warning.

8. About the tagging!!

Here is how you're supposed to tag your entries from now on.
author: your lj username initial (the first letter of your username)
ot3: older member/younger member/youngest
pairing: older member/younger member or various or none(if there's no pairing than say none)
subject: hey!say!7 or hey!say!Best or hey!say!jump or the member itself (for those fic that are band!fic or the member been paired up with none H!S!J members)
type: drabble or chaptered or oneshot

And this one too! Please, don't forget about the tagging! It will help people to look a certain fic. Do check the side bar to check available tag. Contact mod if the tag you wanted is not there. You can check how to tag it completely HERE

9. No advertising is to go on without permission from the administrators.

10. All entries posted at the community must use default font size, and color. Pay attention on this one! You can change your font, or font size, or the color but on your own journal. Don't change it when you post it to the comm. You can check on how to make sure that it's a default font HERE

11. OC request should be put under advertisement so you need to ask permission from mods before posting it to the community. You can read the whole part about this  HERE.

12. Banners are not allowed. Please keep the posts clean.

13. Please post your post according to this format (HTML template can be found HERE":




Warnings: (optional)


14. For those who did not follow the rules and/or tag, their entry will be tagged as !violating rules. If you break the rules, we will remind/warn you 2 times, but if you don’t fix it after we warned you, the post will be deleted right away. And if you keep on breaking the rules, we have to ban you from posting for 2 weeks.


Founder & Moderator:

chibilover14 - Overall checking, violation of rules record keeping, & monthly banning and warning list
lovetoosweet - Monday + Wednesday checking
ohsojuicy21 - Tuesday + Thursday checking
koigaii - Friday + Saturday checking

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