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[MOD] LJ-cut Tutorial

I'm doing this since some of new members still don't know how to do it.... :D
Actually, you can read how to use it from LJ FAQ HERE, but maybe it's better to do it with some caps...

There's 2 way to do it....
1. HTML editor: All you have to do is type <lj-cut text="Read More"> before the text you want to put under LJ-cut. And you can change "Read More" into another word or sentences. If you want to start showing text again, type </lj-cut> after the text you want to cut. It seems that I only copy-paste it from the FAQ...XP sorry,...

2. Rich Text: I'm sure this is the most way you'll use when you post something... :D

First, you have to block the text you want to put under LJ-cut

click to enlarge

and then click () button on the toolbar.

click to enlarge

Then a text box will appear, just click OK and your text will be put under cut. You can also change 'Read More...' into another word or sentence.

click to enlarge

That's it. It's so simple and it will make your posts neat and short.
I hope you understand my simple tutorial and may this helps you on posting your posts~ XD
I will put this on the sidebar so people can access it easily, along with tag post...

By the way, there are some new rules on this comm... I'll post it after this.. :D
Tags: !mod
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