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[mod post] Polling Result!!

Like promised, the poll result is out today!

Although a very small number of people voted, I would still use the result nonetheless. So 41.8% of voters chose Put it under advertisement. Authors should link it back to their journals and update THERE!. I've considered some suggestion from the comments as well as from those who PMed me.

So here's the new rules for OCs-wanted posts (rules on the community page will be updated soon):

1. Sticking to the original rule of advertisement, authors now have to ask for permission before promoting their OCs-needed post. Just contact any of the mods for permission. We don't bite~ :P (it will get approved anyway, just to formalise the process).
2. Tag it as advertisement.
3. Authors should link it back to their journals.
4. Any updates are to be made in their own journals. If authors wish to announce the final results on who got the role and such, authors can ask permission to one of the mods. When approved, they should tag their announcement as advertisement. Please put results under lj-cut.
5. For the fanfic itself, authors can post it up like normal. Just remember to follow the rules (tagging it properly and posting once a day).

I hope everyone is happy with the result. Mods will also try our best to improve the community. We are revising some of the rules as well as taking into consideration and trying to see what has to bee added or removed.
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